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Those of legal drinking age can still face punishment for reckless behavior

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY | NEWS EDITOR Think you’re home free to drink when you turn 21? Not exactly—at least not on Butler’s campus. The majority of alcohol-related ticketings and arrests on Butler’s campus in the past year involved minors possessing or consuming alcohol, according to Butler University Police Department crime logs. That’s not to say students

OPINION | BU faces larger issues than drinking

Butler University officials have drawn a lot of attention to  drinking on campus. However, Butler deals with and largely ignores graver issues like sexual assault and theft. Drinking incidents have increased over the past several years—from 134 referrals to student affairs in 2009 to 175 in 2011, Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police, said. Alcohol

Death at Ball State causes concerns at Butler

Drinking on college campuses is being thought about a little differently since the death of an Indiana University student who was visiting Ball State University. Substance abuse in college is difficult to treat as purely a law enforcement issue, but after the death of a student perhaps it should be treated that way. Many people