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OPINION | Student-run groups should consolidate

For a school of approximately 4,000 undergraduate students, Butler University has a vibrant extracurricular student life. When I first visited Butler’s campus as a prospective student in fall 2010, around 115 student-run organizations exist. Now there are over 150 student-run organizations, according to the university’s website. There needs to be a consolidation of student-run groups

STAFF EDITORIAL | Where’s the transparency, BUPD?

Published Sept. 25, 2012 Butler University Police Department has the power to arrest in certain areas outside of Butler’s campus. BUPD officers are also equipped with firearms and other tools used by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers. So why won’t BUPD release all incident reports to those who request them like other police forces do?

OPINION | BU faces larger issues than drinking

Butler University officials have drawn a lot of attention to  drinking on campus. However, Butler deals with and largely ignores graver issues like sexual assault and theft. Drinking incidents have increased over the past several years—from 134 referrals to student affairs in 2009 to 175 in 2011, Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police, said. Alcohol

Policies change to make transfer process ‘easy and simple’

Significant improvements to the Butler University transfer student process have created a more efficient registration and integration period. “Before the university made changes, transfer students would go through a more complex registration process than freshmen because they had to figure out which of their credits transfer and how they transfer,” Student Development Specialist Jennifer Kaschner