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OPINION | Don’t block sale of drug-testing product

A Butler University student attempted to bring a drug-testing product to the university this semester. University officials told the student they would not promote the sale of the product Drink Detective on campus. This action on the part of the administration seems to stand in direct contradiction to its stated goal of ensuring student safety.

OPINION | Students should appreciate how far Atherton has come

A group of students recently decided to protest Aramark’s food quality by boycotting all the campus dining halls. Although the frustrations are understandable, students should be more patient and appreciate the changes made at the Atherton Union Marketplace. The dining hall has come a long way in the last year. Students fail to remember the

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student opinion is valuable

Plans for a residence hall and parking garage have come to light. Vice President of Student Affairs Levester Johnson unveiled a few residence hall floor plans at the Student Government Association meeting on Oct. 24 for representatives to discuss. Administrators and SGA have a huge opportunity to connect to students by involving them in the

Lynch is Mr. Butler

Bill Lynch’s career path has come full circle. He played football and basketball at Butler, and after a series of football coaching jobs, he finds himself back at his alma mater. After 33 years of coaching football, including 18 as a head coach, Lynch has now been serving as one of Butler’s associate athletic directors

OPINION | Students: Take initiative to communicate

Students should be more accountable for the information that administrators send to them. Focusing on information that administrators circulate at the beginning of each semester is critical because every year there are important new policies that students should know. Administrators utilize many tools to try and open lines of communication for students, including email, the