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Genderqueering Greek life

Greek life is often lauded as a place to foster long-lasting relationships, but these communities are also criticized as inaccessible for many demographics, including people who do not identify with the gender binary.

LambdaGate: Updates on the Lambda Chi turf war

Instead of passively waiting for Lambda to decide whether or not to reestablish themselves, Butler is actively coaxing them back onto campus by paying architects and designers to create a feasible vision for the new house.

Greek house policies keep members safe

  Greek houses are making an effort to keep student safety a priority. Student safety starts, quite literally, at the front door.  Among the seven sororities and six fraternities on campus, entrance options range from fobs to keypad codes and even finger scan systems. Phi Delta Theta, a fraternity on campus, runs on the key

OPINION | Butler and Greek system grow stronger together

When the spirit of competition overwhelms Butler University during recruitment week, it is easy for  individual Greek organizations to forget that they are part of one Greek community. Chapter members are busy thinking of the upcoming semester and what can be done to improve each of their own organizations. Butler has a thriving, strong Greek