More than Letters: Alpha Chi Omega

Multimedia reporter Ava Hoeppner recaps Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy week.


Alpha Chi Omega’s rodeo week ends with some successful events to raise money for their philanthropy. Alpha Chi is one of Butler’s seven sororities and prioritize their philanthropy towards domestic violence awareness. They have even partnered with The Julian Center which is Indiana’s largest domestic abuse shelter for women. AXO’s head of philanthropy, Tierney Maurer, gives an overview of the events that happened this week: 

“We have a lot of events planned. We have flag football tomorrow, Chipotle giveback today, as well as Pie-A-Chi and an ice cream giveback on Wednesday, and then we’re ending the week with a king competition and lip syncs for the houses.” 

Besides the serenades and givebacks, AXO also hosted a flag football game with all the sororities and fraternities on campus. On Friday, the house hosted a lip sync and king competition to crown a winner for the frats. 

“I am looking forward to Pie-A-Chi, I think it’s going to be really fun and everyone seems super excited about it.” 

One of the special events this week was Pie-a-Chi and ice cream giveback. The house scooped ice cream and gave students the opportunity to pie a member of Alpha Chi in order to raise money for their philanthropy. This week was very important to all the members of Alpha Chi for many reasons: 

“These events are important because we really try to spread domestic violence awareness on campus, unfortunately it’s a very prevalent thing and so just by making it a fun atmosphere is one of my favorite parts about it.” 

Overall, the Alpha Chi Omega rodeo week was successful not only because of all the fun events they put together, but because everyone came together to support and donate to a very important cause. Even though these events are lots of fun for everyone involved, all of the money raised for their philanthropy will make a big difference in places like the Julian Center. 

For the Butler Collegian, I’m Ava Hoeppner.


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