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OPINION | Students: Take initiative to communicate

Students should be more accountable for the information that administrators send to them. Focusing on information that administrators circulate at the beginning of each semester is critical because every year there are important new policies that students should know. Administrators utilize many tools to try and open lines of communication for students, including email, the

OPINION | New guidelines urge smart socialization

Butler University is implementing new sanctioning guidelines for conduct violations this year in the hope that students can be given multiple chances for redemption. Under the new guidelines, students that commit conduct violations, mainly alcohol-related violations, will be at risk of probation by the university. This means that those students would not be allowed to

SGA president, executive board members: Follow the constitution

Student Government Association assemblies are full of rules and ways to make meetings go smoothly. And although Robert’s Rules of Order are commonly referred to at weekly meetings, apparently SGA’s own constitution gathers dust. SGA’s Constitution is “only available through [the SGA] listserv” and is “not published on the official SGA website,” according to the