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SGA hopes to amp up campaign awareness

Butler University’s Student Government Association is hoping to increase student interest and voter turnout for the presidential and class officer elections on Feb. 27. Allie Combs, the public relations representative for the SGA Election Oversight Committee, said that SGA is turning to technology for this election. “(SGA members) usually do a ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign,”

OPINION | Make presidential votes count

It’s not a national election, but SGA presidential campaigns are sure to entertain. Butler University students may be thinking like I am that this U.S. presidential campaign season has gone on long enough, considering all of the media hype it gets. Butler students are soon going to feel the hype getting closer to home as

SGA president, executive board members: Follow the constitution

Student Government Association assemblies are full of rules and ways to make meetings go smoothly. And although Robert’s Rules of Order are commonly referred to at weekly meetings, apparently SGA’s own constitution gathers dust. SGA’s Constitution is “only available through [the SGA] listserv” and is “not published on the official SGA website,” according to the

Carroll: ‘I will spend this year’s money on this year’

MORE ON THE SGA BUDGET Every year, each Butler University student pays about $288 in student activity fees. Every year, about $180 of those fees go to Student Government Association. And every year, SGA’s executive board and SGA representatives are faced with the task of using those funds to engage students with programs that are