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Fisher releases proposed budget

MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR Butler University’s Student Government Association set a target maximum budget for the 2013-2014 academic year. SGA’s proposed budget is  slightly more than $763,000, according to documents from Craig Fisher, SGA president. SGA’s approved budget last academic year was just more than $748,000, according to The Collegian’s “SGA assembly approves

OPINION | SGA Assembly: fulfill duty to campus and student body

On Sep. 19, Student Government Association assembly voted and passed the SGA budget proposal. This familiar procedure took place in a matter of minutes with little debate or concern raised about where approximately $750,000 would be going. This all-too-common scenario illustrates an issue that assembly must face—SGA representatives need to take their jobs more seriously.

OPINION | Parking solutions should be instated here and now

Administrators must find a temporary way to ease the parking problem on campus. This parking issue especially affects those who live in the Apartment Village, University Terrace, or have to walk a great distance to and from classes. The lack of parking spaces close to the majority of the academic halls for those who own

SGA budgets for next year

The remaining portion of the Butler University Student Government Association’s 2012-13 budget will most likely be approved today at assembly, said Dan Schramm, vice president of finance.  SGA approved almost half of its budget at the last meeting. “Only some of the smaller boards remain,” Schramm said. “If it isn’t approved this week, it will

Faculty face budget, programming demands

For the next two weeks, Susan Zurbuchen will be busier than usual. On top of her regular class load and the responsibilities that come with her role as chair of Butler University’s Arts Administration program, she is taxed with finding enough time to schedule half-hour appointments with each of her 35 advisees. The two-person Arts

Endowment part of discussion at president’s town hall

Economic and spatial growth were on the minds of students and vice presidents at Butler University President Jim Danko’s town hall meeting on Monday night, where about 20 students asked questions and voiced concerns to university administrators. Danko, along with Vice Presidents Bruce Arick, Levester Johnson, Gerald  Carlson and Chief of Staff and Executive Director

OPINION | Wine tasting brings out grapes and gripes

Wine is supposed to leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth, but the way Student Government Association and class officers spend student activity fees shouldn’t. The Collegian previously reported in “SGA allocates extra funds for class officers” on Sept. 28 that SGA added $4,000 this year to the amount of money that class officers can