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Carroll: ‘I will spend this year’s money on this year’

MORE ON THE SGA BUDGET Every year, each Butler University student pays about $288 in student activity fees. Every year, about $180 of those fees go to Student Government Association. And every year, SGA’s executive board and SGA representatives are faced with the task of using those funds to engage students with programs that are

CPA budget increases

The Council on Presidential Affairs had its budget increased this year to about $12,000 from last year’s budget of $9,000. Mike Tirman, CPA chair, said the council needed the increase in order to effectively sponsor the group’s planned events for this year. According to the Student Government Association’s website, CPA “works actively and positively toward

SGA allocates extra funds for class officers

With the same quarter that can be used to purchase a gumball, Butler University class officers were planning events for each and every Butler student. That is, until members of the Student Government Association passed a vote Sept. 21 doubling the budget for class allocations. The vote to move $4,000 from the more than $30,000

SGA’s narrow vote doubles volunteerism budget

The ayes had it when members of Butler University’s Student Government Association passed a motion that doubled the volunteerism budget to $20,000 last Wednesday. In its original plan, volunteerism made up $10,000 of SGA’s $683,822 overall budget proposal. The original budget was calculated using numbers sent to the organization by university officials to estimate the

Reps, think twice about SGA budget

Weekly Student Government Association assembly meetings regarding the budget have become exasperating for guests and representatives alike. The lack of a procedure for how SGA will allocate funds during the budget approval process has resulted in convoluted decision-making and an seemingly unfair process for distributing money. Representatives need to take more notice. During the Sept.