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Coffeehouse concert is well-received

A student walks into a coffee shop in the evening, expecting to get some work done in a quiet and caffeinated environment. Instead, that student is greeted with the shrill vibrations of acoustic guitar and the voice of a nationally-touring artist. Thanks to the Student Government Association Program Board’ Coffeehouse concert series , such concerts and events have become a

Assembly to vote on new budget

Butler University’s Student Government Association will vote this afternoon to approve the largest budget in the organization’s history. More than $748,000 collected from student fees will be allocated to student organizations and programs. Each year, Butler students pay approximately $288 in student fees. About $180 goes to SGA. Representatives from Butler’s more than 150 student

New SGA president has new goals, aims for accessibility

The Student Government Association’s office in Atherton Union has a new look. The door was open, and boxes were scattered everywhere as SGA President Mike Keller stood atop a step stool, remodeling the room. “I have no complaints about last year’s SGA group,” Keller said, “but this year we’re going to focus on some new

Dev featured at Butler’s first music festival

Classes are wrapping up, exams are approaching and Program Board’s concerts committee and MEISA, the recording industry club, are providing students with one last shebang. The annual spring concert line-up was announced Wednesday. Dev, Zion I, DJ Benzi, Shiny Penny and the Critical Shoes and The Tribe and Big Cats! will perform at the first

OPINION | It’s the passion that counts

The recent struggle for Student Government Association President-elect Mike Keller to find nominees for the position of vice president of diversity programming has shed some light on the issue of filling SGA vacancies—and how best to push and represent diversity on Butler University’s campus. SGA usually requires that applicants for vice president of diversity programming

Carroll: ‘I will spend this year’s money on this year’

MORE ON THE SGA BUDGET Every year, each Butler University student pays about $288 in student activity fees. Every year, about $180 of those fees go to Student Government Association. And every year, SGA’s executive board and SGA representatives are faced with the task of using those funds to engage students with programs that are