New SGA president has new goals, aims for accessibility

The Student Government Association’s office in Atherton Union has a new look.

The door was open, and boxes were scattered everywhere as SGA President Mike Keller stood atop a step stool, remodeling the room.

“I have no complaints about last year’s SGA group,” Keller said, “but this year we’re going to focus on some new goals.”

Keller said SGA wants to make changes that are more than cosmetic.

“We’re working with Butler IT right now to make a nicer, easier-to-use website,” Keller said.

Keller said the website will be online in September, and students can volunteer to receive a weekly newsletter via email.

Keller said his biggest goal was being physically accessible.

“I really want students to feel like they can just stop by the SGA office any time,” Keller said. “Our door will always be open.”

After two summer retreats and multiple mini assemblies, SGA has come up with a list of over 100 goals for the 2012-13 school year.

“We definitely want to continue on the great foundation that was left for us,” said Scott Nemeth, vice president of administration. “We’re going to inherit some really cool grants and projects this year.”

Those projects include new Brita water stations as part of the Council on Presidential Affairs Green Operations sector and a new bike rental system that will give students the opportunity to check out bikes.

“We want to make more big projects out of student ideas,” Nemeth said.

SGA has already begun scheduling coffee chats in Starbucks, where students will get a chance to talk to SGA and Butler officials about changes and ideas they would like to see implemented.

SGA also wants to distribute more surveys to students to help prioritize the projects for the year.

One of SGA’s largest annual projects is the Butlerpalooza concert.

Butlerpalooza is scheduled for Sep. 7, and while the artist may soon be revealed program board chair Stevan Tomich said he is sworn to secrecy.

“I really can’t tell anything, but this year there will be an after party in the Reilly Room after the concert,” Tomich said.

Time will tell if SGA is ready for its latest challenges, but Keller said he has tremendous faith in the group.

“I’m just constantly amazed by this new group’s enthusiasm,” Keller said.

“If we keep it up, I really think that we’ll be able to make some positive changes to the campus this year.”


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