Assembly to vote on new budget

Butler University’s Student Government Association will vote this afternoon to approve the largest budget in the organization’s history.

More than $748,000 collected from student fees will be allocated to student organizations and programs.

Each year, Butler students pay approximately $288 in student fees. About $180 goes to SGA.

Representatives from Butler’s more than 150 student organizations will vote on how that money will be allocated.

There are six boards that fall under the SGA umbrella—Council on Presidential Affairs, the Finance Executive Board, Public Relations, Operations, R.E.A.C.H. and Program Board.

SGA’s budget covers expenses accrued by each of those boards. It also funds—among other things—class activities, club sports, a presidential initiative, basketball trips and a volunteerism budget.

Assembly will go through the budget line by line to determine the final figure.

The executive board has made suggestions to this year’s budget, which was originally determined over the summer.

This year’s proposed budget increased by more than $45,000 from last year.

Each student is represented by at least one person in the assembly. Residential halls, Greek houses and every university-recognized student organization are required to have at least one representative.

The Collegian will report the final budget after this afternoon’s meeting.

SGA assembly meetings are open to every student. The meeting is today in PB150 at 4:30.


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