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Coffeehouse concert is well-received

A student walks into a coffee shop in the evening, expecting to get some work done in a quiet and caffeinated environment. Instead, that student is greeted with the shrill vibrations of acoustic guitar and the voice of a nationally-touring artist. Thanks to the Student Government Association Program Board’ Coffeehouse concert series , such concerts and events have become a

Butler students pursue rock star dreams

We may not have Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo or Blake Shelton, but Butler University is searching for its new voice. Java Jams started last Wednesday with seven eager participants, although only five of them will continue to perform again on Feb. 29 during the second round. Only three of those performers will make it

Coffeehouse seeks to bring unknown bands to campus

With the school year well under way, it is perfectly natural to be thinking about healthy diversions from all that studying. Strapped for ideas? Student Government Association’s Program Board has just the solution:  the Coffeehouse series. This monthly, on-campus concert series is free to students.  Free food. Free admission. Free swag. Katie Carlson, co-chair of