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Welcome to the Team: Women’s swimming

Welcome to the Team: Women’s swimming

“I knew I just wanted to be on a team and Butler just happened to have that DI title but to me it’s just a title, just being a part of a family is what I cared about most and I’m so glad I found it.”

Fall in love with October

Autumn on Butler University’s campus. Photo from Flickr. CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION EDITOR | cfmarqua@butler.edu It may not feel like it, but it is official: fall has arrived. This time last year I was becoming an icicle at a renaissance fair, red-nosed and numb-fingered thanks to a relentless sprinkle of frozen rain. This time last

Fall into Autumn

WRITTEN BY BRYNN ERDY, CONTRIBUTING REPORTER Leaves are changing into beautiful reds and golds, Starbucks patrons line up for pumpkin spice lattes, jeans and sweatshirts emerge from the bottom of closets, football games consume weekend afternoons and the smell of spices and cinnamon flows from the kitchen. It is officially fall. From pumpkin patches to