Cozy coffee corners

Café Patachou has an option for outdoor seating, so their customers can enjoy the beautiful weather and delicious food. Photo by George Beblo.


It is finally that time of the year when the leaves are changing colors, football is on all weekend, and the fun, fall coffee drinks are arriving at every cafe. With classes in full swing for Butler students, a relaxing study spot with great coffee may be the answer to any stress, burn out or when a student needs to get off campus for a bit. 

Café Patachou 

The clean and snug interior creates an inviting atmosphere to indulge in house roasts and warm toast. Photo by George Beblo.

Located less than a mile from Butler, Café Patachou is a local favorite for food, coffee and a relaxing setting. Sophomore psychology major Lillian Austin speaks highly of the local cafe. The option to not only indulge in amazing coffee but to enjoy a comforting meal makes Café  Patachou appealing to Austin. 

Austin said that the restaurant always smells amazing and is clean, cozy and modern. 

“I would describe Café Patachou’s vibe as millennial, hip, clean and cozy, modern and always smells amazing,” Austin said. 

Whether a student is looking for just coffee or needs more sustenance, Café Patachou has a variety of hearty, homemade and delicious options. The menu ranges from omelets and sandwiches to oatmeal and soups. With all-day breakfast and lunch menus, Austin can always find something they enjoy at this gem. 

When asked what their usual order is, Austin spoke highly of the coffee, sourdough bread and any of the omelets on the menu. 

“Whatever the roast [coffee] of the day is with oat milk is the perfect pick me up,” Austin said. “If I am getting food, any of the omelets or the omelet of the day because it is always a nice surprise and I get it with the sourdough toast.” 

While the coffee may be one of Austin’s favorite parts of the coffee shop, they appreciate the inclusivity and welcoming aura of Café Patachou. 

“They’re very pet-friendly, which I appreciate because I can’t have my own pets right now,” Austin said. “Seeing the lovely dogs makes me so happy, and it is good therapy when I am studying. Plus, I appreciate that the bathrooms are gender-neutral.” 

If a student is looking for something a little more than just coffee, plus a place that is cozy and welcoming, Austin highly recommends Café Patachou. The shop’s proximity to campus, the delicious food and all of the dogs make this little corner of joy a perfect place to study. 


Chalet’s rustic bar adds a nice touch to the cozy and welcoming vibe of the coffee shop. Photo by George Beblo.

Down West Westfield Blvd., there is a cozy coffee shop called Chalet. Sophomore international studies major Grant Coleman finds this to be his favorite place to recharge and connect with fellow Bulldogs. Chalet’s broad coffee selection, ranging from classics to specialty drinks, allows Coleman a safe space to interact with new and old friends without having to break the bank. 

Coleman regards the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the Chalet as one of the many reasons he continues to visit the coffee shop. 

“The baristas are talented and friendly, and the space is very welcoming,” Coleman said. “Chalet is not a place to put in headphones and do homework, but a great place to enjoy the company of friends.” 

Every person has a go-to coffee order when they visit their local coffee shop. Coleman’s favorite order is creative and indulgent, displaying Chalet’s dedication to providing tasty and individual coffee creations. 

“I usually get the specialty Chocolate Latte which is topped with Maldon Sea Salt,” Coleman said. “The combination of the chocolate and salt creates a sweet and salty adventure as you drink it.” 

And if someone is not feeling like ordering an indulgent drink, Coleman recommends the Flat White, a similar drink to the cappuccino. Plus, all of the drinks are served with beautiful foam art that adds to the classy and cozy feel of Chalet. 

Yes, the drinks are always the highlight of every coffee shop, but Coleman loves the conversations that the space stimulates. 

“Chalet doesn’t feel like it is trying to put constraints on its customers’ experiences,” Coleman said. “By providing top-notch coffee and a place to enjoy with others, they foster a space of comfort and community.” 

Chalet’s accessibility to Butler students and its cozy atmosphere has helped Coleman connect with many of his peers. It is a safe space where Bulldogs can recharge and interact with a diverse group of people outside of the Butler bubble. 

Gold Leaf 

The rustic lighting above and the natural light from the large windows, displays the vibrancy of Gold Leaf’s vibe. Photo courtesy of Restaurant Guru.

On East 46th Street sits a vibrant coffee shop called Gold Leaf. Macy Cansdale, a senior youth and community development major, applauds the simple, yet stellar menu that Gold Leaf has to offer. Gold Leaf’s affordable and diverse range of options is perfect for every college student. 

Cansdale said that the atmosphere of Gold Leaf is unlike any other. 

“Looking beyond their menu, Gold Leaf’s atmosphere is unmatched,” Cansdale said. “I love that Gold Leaf has a different aura when compared to other coffee shops in the area.” 

From a wide range of coffee options to breakfast burritos and sandwiches, Gold Leaf has something for everyone. Plus, the affordability of the menu and the comfort of their homemade food make the cozy and vibrant atmosphere even more attractive. 

When asked about recommendations on food and drinks, Cansdale spoke highly of the breakfast burrito and coffee options. 

“My go-to is an iced vanilla latte and their breakfast burrito,” Cansdale said. “I also like to enjoy their rotating seasonal drinks.” 

And while the fresh, affordable menu is very appealing, the vibe of Gold Leaf is unique. Many coffee shops have dark lighting and soft music. At Gold Leaf, colors dominate the walls and the eclectic decor is a nice contrast to the sterile lighting and seating that a student can find around campus. 

Cansdale said the color of the walls, the amount of sunlight that beams into the shop and the vibrant, unique aura provides a different, yet welcoming vibe. 

“There are plants and greenery everywhere, and the walls are full of local artwork for sale,” Cansdale said. “The walls are also a fun shade of blue, and the large windows allow for a lot of natural light.” 

Although Gold Leaf is further from the Butler campus, its vibrant aura allows for a different coffee shop experience. Whether a student is meeting their friends for coffee, needing a place to study off of campus or looking for an underrated coffee shop to try, Gold Leaf offers fresh, fun and affordable options for everyone. 

As the days get shorter, the leaves start to fall to the ground, and the morning air is crisp, it is a perfect time to find a cozy spot to study. These Butler Bulldogs have found their perfect cozy corners to complete homework, break away from the Butler bubble, and interact with new people. Whether a student is looking for a good omelet, unique coffee or a vibrant atmosphere, cozy coffee corners are all around Indianapolis. 


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