Best movies for the season

Sit back, relax and watch some fall films. Graphic by Megan Fuller


With leaves falling and the seasons changing, it’s time to curl up with a blanket and cider and binge some fall movies. Fall films are full of orange hues and pretty landscapes; they bring the vibes of fall even when it is still 80 degrees outside. Whether deciding to stay in alone and binge fall movies or set up a movie night with some friends, here are some films that could be added to one’s fall film collection. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox” 

Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a fall staple for many. Based on the children’s book by Road Dahl, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a popular stop-motion picture filled with comedy, thrill and drama. 

The plot follows a group of animals on their adventures overthrowing the “evil” farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Mr. Fox and his friends embark on the ultimate heist to keep their place in the forest. 

Wes Anderson is known for his unique use of symmetry and actors in his films, with many actors continuing to be in each and every film he produces. His art style is recognizable and has made him a household name. The film is a great social commentary on topics such as animal rights, mental health and many more. 

With an award-winning cast of George Clooney, Meryl Streep and Bill Murray, the actors bring the clay formations, used to create the characters, to life. With a color palette featuring blends of brown and orange and visuals of the seasons changing, the film showcases the overall aesthetic of fall. 

Senior health sciences major Hope Horsfall is a fan of the quirky Wes Anderson film and believes people should add it to their fall watchlist. 

“I think the animation style is really cozy, and it’s a fun watch,” Horsfall said. “I grew up watching it with my family, so it’s just a cozy watch whenever I’m feeling in the fall mood.” 

Streamable on MAX, “Fantastic Mr. Fox” creates the cozy yet mysterious atmosphere that is often associated with fall. 


Mystery, comedy and absurdity can all be found in the 1985 classic “Clue” directed by Jonathan Lynn

Clue — just like the board game — is about a group of individuals all with a dark secret who are invited to a mansion by a mystery host. The host claims to know their deepest and darkest secrets adding an element of suspense. When the unknown person turns up dead, the guests must figure out who the murderer is without exposing their secrets. 

Sophomore English and history double major Elijah Smith associates “Clue” with friends and fall. 

“It has mystery and intrigue [vibes], and I always associated it with the goofy ‘having fun with your friends in the fall’ feel,” Smith said. 

The film mimics the 1949 family game by the same name with many of the beloved board game characters such as Mrs. White and Professor Plum coming to life on the silver screen. With esteemed actors like Madeline Kahn and Tim Curry, the film is credited as a classic and has been a household name for decades. Streamable on Amazon Prime Video, “Clue” embodies fall through its dark tone along with its comedic undertones. 

Jennifer’s Body 

Fall is a perfect time to camp out with family and friends, but outdoor adventures can be experienced from the comfort of home from the 2009 horror-comedy “Jennifer’s Body”, directed by Karyn Kusama

“Jennifer’s Body” takes all high school stereotypes and amplifies them with a satanic twist. Megan Fox plays Jennifer, a cheerleader with a hankering for her male classmates’ flesh. The film has been a cult classic among those who enjoy campy cinema

The movie gained additional traction on TikTok with its comparison to the hit “Jennifer’s Body” by the 90s grunge band Hole. Hole’s song “Violet” is featured as the credits song at the end of the film. Both the film and the movie provide commentary on women’s bodily autonomy, life as a teenage girl and the societal pressures forced upon women. The social commentary is intertwined with comedy and horror, making it a fun and educational watch. The horror elements along with the high school setting make this a perfect film to watch to preview “spooky season”. 

First-year music industry studies major Chase Weckenman is a fan of the dark feminist aura that “Jennifer’s Body” gives. 

“I feel it’s the perfect fall movie because it’s in that brink of horror where I feel anyone can watch it, and on top of all of that the older feminist perspective adds to it,” Weckenman said. 

“Jennifer’s Body” is available to stream on MAX

Deciding what movies are worth the binge can be difficult, especially with the many streaming platforms that the world has access to. It is clear that each student has a different preference when it comes to what movie they choose to sit down and enjoy. Though that may be true, it seems that they can all agree that the fall season is all about unwinding and making memories. With fall right around the corner and cold weather knocking at the door, these movies are the perfect way for Butler students to escape class and unwind with the change of season.


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