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Butler SGA update: Navigating COVID-19 restrictions

Butler SGA update: Navigating COVID-19 restrictions

Butler University SGA’s programming board has finessed more ways for students to engage in on-campus programming. The student senate has simultaneously considered ways to more effectively represent students through a discussion of the modified senate and legislative structure.

Fisher releases proposed budget

MELISSA IANNUZZI | ASST. NEWS EDITOR Butler University’s Student Government Association set a target maximum budget for the 2013-2014 academic year. SGA’s proposed budget is  slightly more than $763,000, according to documents from Craig Fisher, SGA president. SGA’s approved budget last academic year was just more than $748,000, according to The Collegian’s “SGA assembly approves

OPINION | Sexual Assault Awareness Week should make lasting impact

Sexual Assault Awareness Week has come to Butler University again, compelling campus to think about a subject many want to ignore. These programs perfectly demonstrate the right way to involve people on the topic: education and respect for human beings. Sexual assault occurs with terrifying frequency in the world, this country and at Butler. These

Faculty face budget, programming demands

For the next two weeks, Susan Zurbuchen will be busier than usual. On top of her regular class load and the responsibilities that come with her role as chair of Butler University’s Arts Administration program, she is taxed with finding enough time to schedule half-hour appointments with each of her 35 advisees. The two-person Arts