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OPINION | Journalism serves, strengthens the community

I never imagined how dramatically one series of news stories would affect change at Butler University when I started reporting on Butler’s parking capacity problem back in August. By shedding light on the parking issue and its many facets, The Collegian started a community conversation, and administrators ran with it. It’s thrilling for me to


This story is part of a series evaluating the internship coordinator position in the College of Communication. Part One | Internships in the spotlight—CCOM position cut Part Two | Students, Alum Petition CCOM Part Three | Internship Coordinator’s Contract to Expire Part Four | Coordinator Seeks Legal Counsel Jill McCarter | News Editor | jmccarte@butler.edu

Faculty face budget, programming demands

For the next two weeks, Susan Zurbuchen will be busier than usual. On top of her regular class load and the responsibilities that come with her role as chair of Butler University’s Arts Administration program, she is taxed with finding enough time to schedule half-hour appointments with each of her 35 advisees. The two-person Arts

OPINION | New CCOM dean shows promise

Although many people fear change, Gary Edgerton, the new College of Communication dean, brings change that I can believe in. Edgerton comes from Old Dominion and brings many things to the table that could take CCOM to the next level. His experience is the first thing that jumps out at me. According to his website,

OPINION | Good journalism clearly calls for more transparency at Butler

The Butler Collegian has undergone quite the facelift this year by reporting on things that impact the entire student body, by looking at things not just at face value and by source-building and digging around for newsworthy stories. The Collegian has started a conversation on campus that I don’t always like to hear, but it’s

Strategic communication department holds town hall to address concerns

Strategic communication students will not experience any changes in graduation requirements despite changes in course offerings for the spring semester. Strategic communications program director Mark Rademacher held a town hall meeting to answer questions students asked about potential requirement changes on Thursday in Gallahue Hall. Strategic communications encompasses public relations and advertising programs. The class

Media programs merge in new college

Earlier this summer, Butler finalized the process of creating its sixth college—The College of Communication—which will integrate all of the existing communications and media programs under one roof. The decision was the result of a proposal made last year by several of Butler’s communication and media departments. “There have been two failed attempts to try