OPINION | New CCOM dean shows promise

Although many people fear change, Gary Edgerton, the new College of Communication dean, brings change that I can believe in.

Edgerton comes from Old Dominion and brings many things to the table that could take CCOM to the next level.

His experience is the first thing that jumps out at me.

According to his website, Edgerton has published 10 books and more than 75 essays and was co-editor of the “Journal of Popular Film and Television.”

As impressive as this is, I expect Edgerton to bring even more.

Interim CCOM Dean William Neher said one of the reasons Edgerton was interested in coming here was because “he sees a great deal of potential.”

With a school newspaper that is nationally recognized and an academic environment that is competitive, the potential is tremendous.

The advancement of student organized media outlets should be one of Edgerton’s top priorities.

He should use his experience to take our programs to the next level.

With that said he should offer advice from a distance because one of the greatest parts about our media productions is that they are student-run.

As a journalism student I want to see the new dean expand the school beyond Midwest recognition.

Coming with a diverse background and from a school on the East Coast, Edgerton should use his resources to make Butler CCOM graduates known all over the country.

I enjoy being in a major where the education constantly improves each year.

I want to see Edgerton continue this upward trend of excellence and take CCOM to the next level.

In a more immediate time frame, I expect Edgerton to make CCOM even more competitive with other colleges on campus.

Using cross-collaboration initiatives and growing and expanding upon majors will help diversify and improve the quality of CCOM majors.

Fifty percent of jobs today have a significant communication aspect, Edgerton said.

The cross-collaboration initiatives will not only improve the curriculum but also better prepare students for the real world.

When people talk about the top colleges on campus, CCOM should be one of the first that people think of.

I want to see Edgerton capitalize on all of the potential and resources so that CCOM can reach a new level.


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