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Inside the student mind

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY NEWS EDITOR MJACONDU@BUTLER.EDU In recent years, Butler has seen a steady increase in the use of mental health services in different areas on campus. The number of students going to the Health and Recreation Center for counseling and consultation services has almost doubled from 6 percent to 10 percent of the student body

OPINION | Be religiously inclusive and fair

In an increasingly global world, awareness of religious variety practiced in our country is important. Christianity is still the primary religion practiced by United States citizens. Of the 35,000 citizens the Pew Forum surveyed in 2007, more than 78 percent identified themselves as Christians. Butler University promotes diversity among its faculty and students, at least

OPINION | Sexual Assault Awareness Week should make lasting impact

Sexual Assault Awareness Week has come to Butler University again, compelling campus to think about a subject many want to ignore. These programs perfectly demonstrate the right way to involve people on the topic: education and respect for human beings. Sexual assault occurs with terrifying frequency in the world, this country and at Butler. These

Alcohol expert talks about homecoming risks

Mike Denton, local substance abuse expert, visited Butler University last night in an effort to increase alcohol awareness before homecoming week. Denton infused the night’s topic, alcohol abuse and underage drinking in college, with lots of humor but remained serious when describing the risks of such behavior. The event was sponsored by Butler Greeks as