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Freshmen impact religious groups

NATALIE SMITH STAFF REPORTER Despite their respective differences, Butler University’s religious clubs have in common one thing beyond coexistance: The phrase “Holy freshmen.” Butler’s religious organizations felt the impact of the class of 2017. Membership increased more than usual this year. Matt O’Brien, a junior and member of Cru, a Christian organization on campus, said

OPINION | Campus should discuss faith issues

Even though faith and religion are two topics often avoided in everyday conversation, they ought to be conversed about more often in our society. These conversations should not be confined to news outlets and should also be discussed in everyday passing. Butler University students would benefit by talking with friends, classmates, professors or family members

OPINION | Be religiously inclusive and fair

In an increasingly global world, awareness of religious variety practiced in our country is important. Christianity is still the primary religion practiced by United States citizens. Of the 35,000 citizens the Pew Forum surveyed in 2007, more than 78 percent identified themselves as Christians. Butler University promotes diversity among its faculty and students, at least