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Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States

Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States

Biden and running mate Kamala Harris were declared the winners of the historic election on Saturday, while President Trump refuses to concede.

Consent with Caitlin: A vote for Trump is a vote against survivors

Analyzing and discussing Trump’s sexist comments and how they degrave consent and harm sexual assault survivors with sociology and criminplogy professor, Ashley Hutson, gender, women, and sexuality studies professor Brooke Beloso, and Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Specialist Jules Arthur-Grable.

Collegian 60 second preview 1.30

Opinion editor Maria Rapisarda joins Kennedy Aiman to discuss what the opinion section of the Butler Collegian has to offer this week. Stories include columns over how students stay motivated, the large number of school shootings already this year and how the Butler community feels about President Trump after one year.