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In support of the Oxford comma

In support of the Oxford comma

The AP stylebook’s omission of the Oxford comma in its set of silly little rules for proper publication composition is a sign of their contempt for enthusiasts of print journalism across the nation, their disdain for coherent writing and their disrespect for the English language itself.

Gen Z is doomed, unless…

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Zachary Gossett | Opinion Columnist | zgossett@butler.edu As the semester begins and first-years settle into their dorm rooms, there is no better time than now to discuss their impending doom. These first-years, who are the first class to be born entirely in the new millennium, join a campus full of

OPINION | Indiana should take Ritz seriously

Many people might have gotten caught up in the national election results last Tuesday. So for those who don’t know: Glenda Ritz was elected state superintendent of public instruction. The Indiana government needs to respect that. Ritz won over incumbent Tony Bennett, who pushed a voucher system that financed students transferring out of public schools.