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Collegian editors predict aftermath of 2020 election

Collegian editors predict aftermath of 2020 election

While results of this election may still be unknown, the 2020 presidential election will doubtlessly impact many facets of our lives in the United States. These are some of the predictions of how life will change from The Butler Collegian Editorial Staff, in their areas of expertise.

Two’s a party, three’s a crowd

Each party has a fairly unwavering set of core ideologies, with members deliberating, debating and voting on various issues as they occur. Certain individuals, however, dare to define themselves as neither of these political powerhouses, but rather a third party. Third parties have always been present in the government of the United States, but their influence faded since their glory days in the 1800s, as it has been continually stifled by the two-party system.

OPINION | Voter ID laws place a limit on real voters

Voter identification laws have taken a main stage in debates this year. In a nation where voter participation is consistently very low, any restrictions on voting need to be examined carefully. In 2006, Indiana made national news for enacting one of the first in a wave of voter identification laws. The law requires potential voters

OPINION | Vote based on your conscience, not on electability

Community members should vote with their consciences in this election, and nothing more. If that means voting third party—or not at all—students, faculty and staff should do so. Voting is a symbolic act. In a nation of nearly 320 million people, individual votes may not carry much weight. However, citizens should use their votes not

OPINION | Voting is a right every student should exercise

While the 2008 Presidential Election marked the second-largest group of youth voters in voting history, the conversation regarding the youth vote for the 2012 election has been mum. And even with the large youth turnout, 18- to 24-year-olds still marked the smallest voting group in the 2008 election. As a student body and demographic group,