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Two’s a party, three’s a crowd

Each party has a fairly unwavering set of core ideologies, with members deliberating, debating and voting on various issues as they occur. Certain individuals, however, dare to define themselves as neither of these political powerhouses, but rather a third party. Third parties have always been present in the government of the United States, but their influence faded since their glory days in the 1800s, as it has been continually stifled by the two-party system.

How to manage college, friends and this crazy election year

Cartoon by Maria Rapisarda MARIA RAPISARDA | ASST. OPINION EDITOR | mrapisar@butler.edu Growing up, my parents told me there were four things you do not talk about: money, sex, religion and politics. Obviously, I outgrew this rule quickly and began to ask all of my friends in high school their views on religion and politics.