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My neighbor is a Trip… No, literally!

Photo courtesy of Madi McGuire. MADI MCGUIRE | OPINION COLUMNIST | mjmcguir@butler.edu As a sophomore, I am fortunate to live in Apartment Village after the big Fairview over-packing controversy. If you never lived in Ross or Schwitzer Hall, I cannot explain to you how exciting it is to have my own room, a single shower

How to manage college, friends and this crazy election year

Cartoon by Maria Rapisarda MARIA RAPISARDA | ASST. OPINION EDITOR | mrapisar@butler.edu Growing up, my parents told me there were four things you do not talk about: money, sex, religion and politics. Obviously, I outgrew this rule quickly and began to ask all of my friends in high school their views on religion and politics.

Editor in chief sends letter to Collegian readers

KATIE GOODRICH | EDITOR IN CHIEF | kmgoodri@butler.edu Dear Collegian readers, Each new school year brings changes, and the Collegian is no exception. This year we are returning to a weekly print product, which will be eight pages of content in full color delivered every Wednesday. This bit of news (and it is very good

Former Collegian editor wins national award

Press release by Marc Allan, associate director of university relations School of Journalism alumna Jill McCarter (’13), the editor of The Butler Collegian during the 2012-2013 school year, has won a first-place Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) national award for an advertising campaign that introduces Collegian readers to the newspaper’s staff members and attempts to recruit

SGA presidential candidates face off

The SGA presidential candidates are geared up for their final debate, taking place tomorrow from 6 to 8 p.m. in PB 150. This will be the last chance for students to hear the candidates publicly debate before Monday’s vote. Last Sunday, The Collegian’s staff members met with the four student politicians and conducted a separate

Collegian staff honored with four national awards

The Collegian won four national awards at the Associated Collegiate Press conference in Florida last week, including the highest award given to student publications: the Pacemaker. The Collegian’s editor-in-chief Hayleigh Colombo and adviser Loni McKown attended the conference in Orlando, Fla., from Oct. 26-30 where they accepted the award. The Pacemaker Award honors those who

Take a vacation, Mr. President

Who does not like a good vacation? I know I do. It’s a time to get away from your career and put the stress of the world behind you. But what if you are the President of the United States? I’ve got a feeling it might be a little more difficult to escape the stress

‘War on Poverty’ an uphill battle

Lately there has been a lot of fuss about a “war on poverty.” I often find myself wondering about this so-called war. I see homeless people all the time when I drive down Meridian Street, so obviously we aren’t faring too well. However, the government’s fight against soaring poverty rates is something that we should