Editor in chief sends letter to Collegian readers

KATIE GOODRICH | EDITOR IN CHIEF | kmgoodri@butler.edu

Dear Collegian readers,

Each new school year brings changes, and the Collegian is no exception.

This year we are returning to a weekly print product, which will be eight pages of content in full color delivered every Wednesday.

This bit of news (and it is very good news) is welcomed.

It’s no secret the Butler Collegian went through some tough times over the past few years — from budget cuts to removing advisers. But Bulldogs are always up for a challenge.

I made the decision to return the Collegian to a weekly newspaper, and after several discussions about feasibility and budgets with the journalism faculty and the adviser, my goal became a reality.

This was excellent momentum moving into the school year that I wanted to maintain going into the new academic year.

Staff members came to campus early to participate in Collegian Boot Camp, two days of lessons, workshops and guest speakers. We soaked up the advice of recent Butler grads and the wisdom of reporters and editors from news outlets such as the Indianapolis Star.

Reporters and editors brainstormed ways to improve their content each week, add more multimedia elements and recruit more Collegian staffers.

I walked away from Boot Camp confident in my staff and excited for the year ahead. I saw students taking initiative and being creative, and it was extremely inspiring.

It was refreshing to be surrounded by people who believe in the power of good journalism as much as I do.

That’s what the Collegian is all about — informing our campus community and sharing the stories that need to be told.

As a student publication, we might make some mistakes, even the professionals do. This experience will equip us with skills that will translate into internships and jobs one day soon (almost too soon, for us seniors).

Thank you for valuing student journalism and experiential learning by picking up the paper or going to our website. The Collegian staff appreciates your readership.


Editor in Chief Katie Goodrich


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