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Graffiti: Not your mother’s portraits

BRITTANY GARRETT: STAFF REPORTER “Tagging”—the art of graffiti—has only recently found its way into the world of accepted art forms. Existing in the nebulous region between self-expression and public desecration, the idea is still quite controversial. Despite this, exhibitions of graffiti art have sprung up in established and venerated artistic venues from Los Angeles to

Star Fountain repairs continue

From fountain hopping to bubbling, Star Fountain has been the focus of many lasting memories for Butler students. Today, it stands out as a black eye on campus. While undergoing maintenance over the summer, a construction worker accidentally backed his pickup truck into the fountain, knocking several pieces of limestone loose. Junior Rachel Head, a

Modern opera travels from IU to BU

Packed up and delivered all the way from Indiana University, “Akhnaten” comes to life on stage at Clowes Memorial Hall this weekend. Indianapolis Opera partnered with IU’s opera theater program to present this modern production about the Egyptian  pharaoh Akhnaten. The partnership between IU and Indy Opera has been in the works for a number