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SGA budgets for next year

The remaining portion of the Butler University Student Government Association’s 2012-13 budget will most likely be approved today at assembly, said Dan Schramm, vice president of finance.  SGA approved almost half of its budget at the last meeting. “Only some of the smaller boards remain,” Schramm said. “If it isn’t approved this week, it will

Despite $56,350 cost, community happy with Fallon appearance

Jimmy Fallon’s visit to Butler University required more than dance moves and Twitter pleas to become a reality. The total cost to the university was $56,350. Contributions from the Student Government Association and ticket revenues paid for most of the Jan. 29 show.  The Office of Student Affairs and Clowes Memorial Hall also contributed. Payout

OPINION | Students for Liberty missing big chance

Butler University Students for Liberty is one of the youngest and least known groups on campus, and they are letting an incredible opportunity pass right before their eyes—to endorse U.S. Representative Ron Paul (R – Texas) for president. The group, founded in Oct. 2010, promotes ideas of civil liberty and fiscal freedom to college students.