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Faulty emergency pole sparks continued discussion on student safety

A faulty emergency pole was revealed when a student pressed the pole’s button as a joke, only to realize that due to upgrades, the pole did not place the call to BUPD dispatch. Assistant Chief Tony Rivera sat down and answered questions about emergency poles on campus and new ways for students to stay safe.

OPINION | Don’t block sale of drug-testing product

A Butler University student attempted to bring a drug-testing product to the university this semester. University officials told the student they would not promote the sale of the product Drink Detective on campus. This action on the part of the administration seems to stand in direct contradiction to its stated goal of ensuring student safety.

Vehicle break-ins on campus worry students

A string of vehicle break-ins last week has students wondering if locking their car doors is enough. Nine break-ins took place in four days last week, according to a BUPD police report. Of the 17 thefts this month, eight took place in a single day. Comparatively, there were nine total thefts in November last year,