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OPINION | Greek houses should evaluate safety concerns

On Butler University’s campus, there is little separating Greek life from the rest of campus. Bigger campuses often have Greek Row located far away from academic buildings. This is not the case on Buler’s campus, nestled in the tightly packed Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. Safety concerns in the past have caused issues for members of some chapters,

How protected are you?

October marks the start of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. The information technology department will be sending out safety tips throughout the month to keep students informed and active about online security. Tyler Johnston from IT said cybersecurity is a multifaceted idea. He said that while there are many potential dangers that online activity can bring,

STAFF EDITORIAL | New campus parking safety

OUR POINT THIS WEEK: Parking arrangements are dangerous for students as drivers and pedestrians. VOTE: 24-0 New parking arrangements on Butler’s campus, made to accommodate the new freshmen class, are dangerous to both student drivers and pedestrians. On Sunset Avenue, parking spaces on both sides of the street make it dangerous for passing cars. It