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OPINION | Diversity, inclusion must be everyone’s priority

On April 18, Butler University’s Office of Student Affairs released the numbers from  its diversity survey. The data revealed that most Butler students do not believe the school is very diverse. Specifically, 71 percent of students of color and/or gay and lesbian students thought this. If students, faculty and staff want to see a more

STAFF EDITORIAL | Your voices matter

In any community, the free flow of information plays a vital role in people being able to do their jobs. Butler University needs to take ownership of and interact with the newspaper and all other forms of media in a constructive and collaborative manner. The Butler Collegian—among other media outlets connected to the university—belongs to

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student issues must come first

Published April 10, 2012 OUR POINT THIS WEEK: Hiring unnecessary staff while vital positions are being cut is not the way to help Butler students succeed | VOTE: 27-0-4 A core curriculum program  $400,000 in the red. Four percent increases in tuition. Recent controversies whirling around campus seem to be following the tone of money,

SGA budgets for next year

The remaining portion of the Butler University Student Government Association’s 2012-13 budget will most likely be approved today at assembly, said Dan Schramm, vice president of finance.  SGA approved almost half of its budget at the last meeting. “Only some of the smaller boards remain,” Schramm said. “If it isn’t approved this week, it will

Strategic plan faces changes

Butler University officials have started working on an update to the strategic plan, and are incorporating President Jim Danko’s observations into it. A strategic plan is a five-year plan based around goals and priorities. Its objective is to uphold and maintain Butler’s mission, integrity and excellence in education. The current plan, Dare to Make a

Howard named co-editor of TRAILS

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Jay Howard is working with the American Sociological Association and Indiana University to advocate for better teaching in the classroom. Howard was recently named co-editor of Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology, an online resource for sociology teachers. “It’s a fun opportunity,” Howard said. “It’s a way

Policies change to make transfer process ‘easy and simple’

Significant improvements to the Butler University transfer student process have created a more efficient registration and integration period. “Before the university made changes, transfer students would go through a more complex registration process than freshmen because they had to figure out which of their credits transfer and how they transfer,” Student Development Specialist Jennifer Kaschner