STAFF EDITORIAL | Your voices matter

In any community, the free flow of information plays a vital role in people being able to do their jobs.

Butler University needs to take ownership of and interact with the newspaper and all other forms of media in a constructive and collaborative manner.

The Butler Collegian—among other media outlets connected to the university—belongs to the entire community.

This is true of every newspaper but particularly at colleges like Butler.

In such a small population, each individual’s voice matters more than it does at bigger schools.

When people participate in the discussion, whether they love or hate an issue, the community is strengthened.

In other words, voice your opinions to campus media about how you feel about important issues.


Even a single opinion can redirect the media’s focus.

In this nation, journalism is valued because it comforts the afflicted and holds public officials accountable for their actions.

That includes issues that happen out of sight or that may go unnoticed.

Like any part of democracy, newspapers function only as well as their community.

If anyone feels that issues are being ignored, they owe it to the newspaper to say so.

The same is true when readers feel that issues are getting too much attention.

Without input or interaction, Butler grows weaker.

If no one offers criticism, those in power may not see their shortcomings.

That goes for journalists, too.

Everyone in the Butler community can and should demand nothing less than the best from both the administration and student media.

Participate in readership surveys. Attend open forums and town hall-style meetings. Write letters to the editor.

Discuss important issues with anyone who will listen.

If students, faculty and staff feel that power is being abused—it is not simply a right to challenge it.

It is a sacred duty.

If someone feels he or she is going unheard, he or she must speak up.

Every perspective in the community has value and should be given a chance.

So do your part: Voice your perspective.


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