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Butler swaps conferences early

The question still lingers as to why Butler University made the decision to move to the Atlantic 10 conference a year earlier than planned, regardless of whether it was for the best. President Jim Danko announced on May 2 that Butler was moving to the A-10 from the Horizon League. “We considered many aspects and

OPINION | Advisers should advise, not lead

When student leaders apply, campaign for and put hours into their roles, they should also be able to defend themselves on their own. It’s time to take the training wheels off of Student Government Association. While I believe that faculty advisers for Student Government Association have good intentions, some of the actions in assembly leave

OPINION | The administrative assistant does not need a Ph.D.

For a short-staffed faculty like Butler University’s, the hiring of a person with a doctorate degree is a good idea. Unless it’s to be an aide to President Jim Danko. The level of qualification for the hiring is ironic because the university is dropping its internship coordinator in the College of Communication. This seems to

STAFF EDITORIAL | Student issues must come first

Published April 10, 2012 OUR POINT THIS WEEK: Hiring unnecessary staff while vital positions are being cut is not the way to help Butler students succeed | VOTE: 27-0-4 A core curriculum program  $400,000 in the red. Four percent increases in tuition. Recent controversies whirling around campus seem to be following the tone of money,

OPINION | Equity raises a moral necessity

Butler University’s Board of Trustees has decided to table  the topic of equity raises once again. The Trustees decided to withhold equity raises until a later date due to other concerns. President Jim Danko recommended as much last fall. While business concerns play a vital and practical role in the university, Butler must prioritize moral

STAFF EDITORIAL | Tenured professors still need reviews

President Jim Danko announced the newly promoted and tenured faculty at Butler University on March 22 through a campus wide e-mail. Tenure is a virtually permanent guarantee of employment that has a long history in universities around the world. Although it is exciting to welcome professors to a permanent spot at Butler, tenure presents some

Butler’s gender imbalance among tenured faculty not likely to last

Men significantly outnumber women in the tenured ranks of Butler University. Institutional data released in the fall of 2011 indicates that 61 percent of Butler’s tenured full-time faculty is male and 39 percent is female, but university officials said that may change in coming years. Typically, professors and associate professors are tenured while assistant professors