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Butler grads find jobs more easily than average student

EMILY WILLIAMS STAFF REPORTER Butler University’s Internship and Career Services department offers career advising, internship opportunities, job resources, on -campus employment services, networking and workshops. ICS holds 80 events each semester to help Butler students and alumni network. “Employers look more seriously at people with experience who start early,” said Gary Beaulieu, director of ICS.

Athletics department looks for qualifications, not connections

Butler University’s athletics department may employ numerous Butler alumni, but a prior relationship with Butler is far from a job requirement. Athletics Director Barry Collier said he looks for five things above all else when evaluating a prospective  department employee. “(I look for) somebody that has high integrity, has a high level of intelligence, is

OPINION | The administrative assistant does not need a Ph.D.

For a short-staffed faculty like Butler University’s, the hiring of a person with a doctorate degree is a good idea. Unless it’s to be an aide to President Jim Danko. The level of qualification for the hiring is ironic because the university is dropping its internship coordinator in the College of Communication. This seems to