OPINION | The administrative assistant does not need a Ph.D.

For a short-staffed faculty like Butler University’s, the hiring of a person with a doctorate degree is a good idea.

Unless it’s to be an aide to President Jim Danko.

The level of qualification for the hiring is ironic because the university is dropping its internship coordinator in the College of Communication.

This seems to come at a time when CCOM is becoming more popular on campus.

Yet, the university is losing qualified teachers and struggling to foot the bill for some programs, like the core.

On a broader scale the school could hire more well-qualified professors instead of hiring more administrative personnel.

I have interned as a secretary for a boys and girls club.

The work wasn’t easy but compared to the office of the president; it had less responsibilities.

With that said, I feel confident that someone with a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree could handle the responsibilities of executive assistant to the Board of Trustees.

From my experiences, organizational skills are the most important for any administrative assistant.

Certainly anyone with a lot or a little education can be extremely organized.

The most important thing college teaches a student is the ability to prioritize, yet our school hasn’t learned this.

I am sure the person Butler hired is well-rounded and everything they looked for in a candidate, but my issue is that we should put someone with that background in a classroom to educate students.

We should not put them behind a desk, where their skills will be under-utilized. Butler’s administration has this continual problem of wrongly prioritizing important resources.

If Butler wants to employ more people with doctorates, they should do so.

Employ those doctors as teachers.

Administrative assistants and advisors play vital roles.

But without educators, the university ceases to exist.


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