Butler grads find jobs more easily than average student


Butler University’s Internship and Career Services department offers career advising, internship opportunities, job resources, on -campus employment services, networking and workshops.
ICS holds 80 events each semester to help Butler students and alumni network.
“Employers look more seriously at people with experience who start early,” said Gary Beaulieu, director of ICS. “Students wait too late to get out on the job market.”
Internships often can lead students to a job.
Rachel Senn got a job with Fox 59 in Indianapolis the week before she graduated.
“I got really lucky and did an internship with Fox 59 second semester of my senior year,” Senn said. “It was the only internship I did all of college. My internship went from three in the morning until 11 a.m. for six months.”
Senn said many of her digital media and journalism classmates did have a hard time finding jobs. Some started with freelance work, but ultimately moved in other directions like PR or graphic design rather then film and television. They were offered more part time jobs, which do not give benefits.
Sara Tarantino graduated from Butler in 2013 and found her job two months later. She works for Nissan North American Headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee.
“Butler did a good job preparing me for the workforce,” Tarantino said.
Tarantino said the most attractive asset of her Butler education was her internship experience.
“Having two years of ‘real world’ experience really set me ahead of other candidates that just graduated from school with no experience,” Tarantino said.
Butler networking can be found at ICS and is a free life-time service for any Butler alum.
Internships, networking and career assessments are just a few of the ways to put oneself in the best possible situation for job placement, Beaulieu said.
“Never panic; there is always help out there,” Beaulieu said. “Organize yourself, talk to ICS and network with professors. Eighty-five percent of the job market is driven by who you know, and the Butler community is a great way to make connections.”


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