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Butler University President James Danko’s contract extended four more years

Butler University President James Danko’s contract extended four more years

The Butler University Board of Trustees voted unanimously to extend the president’s contract, which was set to end on Aug. 31, 2020.

Trustees watch over university

It consists of 28 individuals from all walks of life. Many of them graduated from Butler University, although some received an education elsewhere. Some of its members graduated in the 1950s, some in the 1990s. It includes men and women who majored in everything from accounting to zoology. This is the Butler Board of Trustees.

OPINION | Equity raises a moral necessity

Butler University’s Board of Trustees has decided to table  the topic of equity raises once again. The Trustees decided to withhold equity raises until a later date due to other concerns. President Jim Danko recommended as much last fall. While business concerns play a vital and practical role in the university, Butler must prioritize moral

STAFF EDITORIAL | Tenured professors still need reviews

President Jim Danko announced the newly promoted and tenured faculty at Butler University on March 22 through a campus wide e-mail. Tenure is a virtually permanent guarantee of employment that has a long history in universities around the world. Although it is exciting to welcome professors to a permanent spot at Butler, tenure presents some

OPINION | Danko should sign environmental initiative

Butler University’s Board of Trustees retreat will begin in Naples, Fla., tomorrow and last through Saturday. At this retreat, it is expected that President Jim Danko will begin reaching out to the board in preparation for his signing of the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment. By signing the commitment, higher education institutions pledge