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STAFF EDITORIAL | Where’s the transparency, BUPD?

Published Sept. 25, 2012 Butler University Police Department has the power to arrest in certain areas outside of Butler’s campus. BUPD officers are also equipped with firearms and other tools used by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers. So why won’t BUPD release all incident reports to those who request them like other police forces do?

Public safety report shows trend in campus crime

Crime has gone down drastically in some cases on Butler University’s campus according to a report released by the university’s department of public safety. The 2009 Comprehensive Combined Annual Security Report and Annual Fire Safety Report provides students with a complete list of programs and services offered by the department as well as the number

Campus alert system federally mandated

Throughout the year, Butler University faculty, staff and students receive a sprinkling of “timely warnings” and emergency alert notifications regarding crime and other safety related events on campus. After a string of thefts hit Butler’s campus in the early morning hours of Sept. 15, Butler University Police Department released a “timely warning” at 7:16 a.m.,