Ross residents ransacked

An unknown burglar entered the unlocked rooms of Ross Hall residents early Thursday morning.

Five unlawful entries occurred from Thursday to Friday resulting in stolen items, including laptops, iPods, cell phones and money.

Butler University Police Department said no sign of forced entry into Ross has been found; it suspects the thief is a student who lives within the facility.

The crimes are categorized as non-forcible burglaries, which are still felonies in the state of Indiana. The person responsible for these incidents is subject to arrest, even if the incidents are thought to be pranks on other students.

BUPD released a timely warning the same day that the crimes were reported.

The burglar woke up freshman Nicholas Bartolone when he or she entered the room, and the individual immediately left.

“The guy in a black sweatshirt entered my room early in the morning, and he must have been spooked when he saw me,” Bartolone said. “I got lucky because he left without taking anything.”

Freshmen Steven Showstead and Dylan Menefee were not as lucky, both having items stolen.

“I heard the door open, but I thought it was just my roommate, but when I woke up, my phone was gone,” Menefee said. “It’s unfortunate and I miss my phone.”

“The one night I leave my computer and wallet in the middle of the room is the one night this happens,” Showstead said. “I’m pretty pissed off, and I hope BUPD finds them.”

“I think the one thing we’ve all learned is to make sure we lock our doors at night,” Bartolone said.

Bill Weber, assistant police chief, said BUPD has good reason to believe the burglar was a Butler student, but he did not want to compromise the investigation by explaining why.

“This was a crime of opportunity,” Weber said. “You might get away with not locking your door a hundred times, but the next time, it could happen. You know, tag you’re it. You’ve been bit.”


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