OPINION | BUPD’s new K-9 challenges fame of Butler Blue II

Heads up  Blue II.  The Butler University community welcomed a mixed labrador named Marcus right before the fall semester finished.

Marcus is part of the new K-9 unit in the Butler University Police Department, and although I love Blue II, I am excited to see Marcus around campus hounding down criminals.

As bold as this sounds, Marcus is going to steal the spotlight from Blue II on campus. Instead of deciding between Team Gale or Team Peeta this spring semester (read “The Hunger Games”), we might have to prepare ourselves for the difficult decision: Team Blue II or Team Marcus?

Laugh all you want, but Marcus could end up doing something extraordinary, such as saving Blue II from a pack of rabid Connecticut huskies let loose by New England Patriots fans traveling to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

Marcus and Coach Brad Stevens could join together to fight off

Wright State Raider fans at the Feb. 2 home game after he is called into the game to lead a come-from-behind victory.

Marcus already knows plenty of tricks that can entertain prospective freshmen during campus visits, and he can even detect bombs.

Soon freshmen skit performances will include Marcus, and he will make an appearance at Spring Sports Spectacular.

All of a sudden I might be signing a birthday card in Starbucks for Marcus.

My affinity for Marcus goes deeper than birthday parties, though.

One evening last April, four individuals broke into Sigma Nu. The story of the arrest is the reason why I will have a difficult decision choosing between the dogs.

When the individuals were spotted climbing out of a window they shattered, not only was BUPD called but also the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

BUPD arrested two of the individuals, while IMPD set up a perimeter and had its own K-9 unit track down the third individual.

The fourth individual was captured at a later time. The trial for the four individuals has been delayed and is still open.

Although BUPD Police Chief Benjamin Hunter said this was an uncommon event when interviewed by The Collegian last April, I believe the addition of Marcus will help BUPD officers catch criminals whether they commit crimes in the heart of campus or on the outskirts.

I would also imagine that a sense of protection has not only been added for our officers during routine traffic stops or house investigations but for all of Butler’s community during high-profile sporting events and productions in Clowes.

Blue II, though, has appeared on ESPN’s “Sportscenter” with Kenny Mayne, ESPN’s “First Take,” has ringtones available and has his own website and Twitter account — with more than 8,000 followers.

He has been to NASA’s Space Center, Houston during the 2011 NCAA Final Four and National Championship week.

Blue II led the procession into Clowes Memorial Hall where the official inauguration took place for President Jim Danko.

There are also the web videos of Blue II demolishing cardboard boxes, which are pretty intimidating, especially when he stands over what is left of the box with a look of satisfaction.

May the top dog win.


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