OPINION | BUPD acted correctly in chase

Butler University students took to social media Sunday—about a camel.

During the hunt for an armed man on and around campus, students received a message from Butler University Police Department stating the suspect was seen running “towrad the camel.”

I could handle a few misspellings as long as they meant I was staying informed.

BUPD is to be commended for keeping students in the loop about dangerous activity on campus.

I received call after text after email from DawgAlert, and even more information came via BUPD’s constantly-updated Twitter account.

Sure, the messages were repetitive and hastily written at times.

But I would much rather have too many warnings than not enough, a misspelled warning instead of a delayed one.

BUPD was quick to put campus on lockdown and deactivate ID scanners for buildings, preventing the fleeing man from hiding inside—or worse, taking aim at students.

And judging from the pictures and eyewitness tweets that filled my feed, BUPD posted guards and worked well with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police to apprehend the man—and more importantly, keep students safe.

Ben Hunter, executive director of public safety, said he has never faced a situation like this in his four-and-a-half years at Butler.

Still, he and his team responded admirably and did their job well.

So continue to laugh about The Butler Camel.

His tweets are great, and Assistant Police Chief Andrew Ryan is enjoying the hype, according to Twitter.

But don’t forget the serious work that BUPD did in keeping us all informed and safe.


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