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OPINION | Butler should notify students about new alcohol policy

If upperclassmen are as punishable as freshmen for alcohol violations, then they should receive the same information the freshman do. Over the summer, the administration revamped the alcohol policy on campus. The administration forbade freshmen from going inside Greek houses until after last Monday. Another policy change is that there are no fines for alcohol

Administrators looking to change alcohol policies

Published Aug. 29, 2012 With Indiana officials looking to crack down on underage and high-risk alcohol consumption on college campuses, the atmosphere of Butler University is changing. An alcohol task force, comprised of Butler students and faculty from numerous departments, was created during the 2011-12 academic year. Curbing Illegal Drinking on Butler’s Campus For the

Meager attendance an issue for fall athletic teams

Fall sports are having a difficult time attracting people to their games and matches. The leader in attendance of all fall sports is football, which averaged fewer than 2,600 attendees per home game last year. Football is the only fall sport that averaged in the thousands. Last year, volleyball averaged 382 attendees, men’s soccer had

STAFF EDITORIAL | Kill the rumors, address why TKE closed

Published Aug. 29, 2012 After an investigation, an unsuccessful appeal and the removal of three Greek letters, Tau Kappa Epsilon no longer has a place at Butler University. Anyone not involved knows nothing about why the doors closed, and everyone who is involved isn’t talking—opening the floodgates for nasty rumors and speculation. Butler officials are

STAFF EDITORIAL | Before expansion, consider the impact

Approximately 1,100 first-year students poured onto Butler University’s campus Saturday to begin their studies. The record-breaking freshman class comes with plenty of potential, vibrancy and energy. Still, the ever-expanding enrollment could end up forcing administrators to cut corners in facilities, infrastructure and student life. Housing, parking and budget allocations have all caused strife on campus

Housing full with large enrollment

Butler University is facing a time when the incoming classes continue to grow. The current expected freshman class size of 1,111 students shot up from last year’s class size of 926. Upperclassmen were offered alternative housing opportunities to help accommodate freshmen. In 2003, additional housing options were offered when Butler’s incoming freshman class totaled 976

Sexual misconduct policies updated in student handbook

Sexual misconduct incidents now must be investigated with or without the involvement of a victim, per new policy changes at a national and university level. The 2012-13 edition of the Butler University student handbook contains updates due to new obligations from the U.S. Department of Education released in April. The harassment and sexual misconduct parts

TKE chapter shut down

It’s been more than three months since Butler University administrators shut the doors of Tau Kappa Epsilon’s Gamma Psi chapter. A report came in near the end of the spring semester that led to an investigation of the house. Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson would not disclose what the complaint against the organization

OPINION | Housing options fail to solve larger problems

Butler University’s freshman class of 2016 is the largest class in the university’s history. While this is a reason for Butler to celebrate, it is also a cause for concern: the university has a housing problem. Student housing options, including apartments at Christian Theological Seminary and rooms at Homestead Suites, have been offered to upper