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OPINION | SGA advisers play vital role

Published April 18, 2012 The recent attacks on the Student Government Association have taken a turn for the worse. The criticisms no longer are directed at the students who represent us. Now advisers are being targeted for unwarranted reasons. The latest assault on SGA leaders and advisers was centered on the Dean of Student Life

Independents hope to improve, increase student involvement

Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson addressed the difference in involvement between Greek and non-Greek students at the most recent town hall, and it has caused a buzz among students. The university has conducted no formal studies, but  it seems as though it is widely-held idea that Greek students are more involved with leadership

How about a retweet?

The Butler community proves just how savvy it is when it comes to Twitter Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, but Butler University is a Twitter-addicted school. As more and more students add tweeting to their repertoire, the number of Butler-themed Twitter pages has risen, making the “must follow” list for Butler students a mile long. The question

Students and staff welcome Atherton changes

The Market Place at Atherton Union has a new appearance after a makeover during winter break. The dining facility now includes a lounge area with a television and a fireplace, new floors and walls, booths and a different seating arrangement.  The food has also undergone a renovation in order to provide more variety and healthier

Commencement speaker on minds of students, administration

It may still be the middle of first semester, but students and the administration are already looking ahead to commencement. Determining a commencement speaker is not a simple process—cost, connections and nominations all come into play. Butler University’s Board of Trustees takes nominations and then decides who is worthy of and eligible for an honorary