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A school and its dog

Many Butler University professors, staff members and students have departed from the university in its 158-year history. However, the school will be replacing a unique individual in March: Butler Blue II. The nearly nine-year-old bulldog will pass on his duties as a live mascot to Trip in about a month. Michael Kaltenmark, director of web

MARRIED AT WORK | Partners of Butler’s top dogs on university payroll

Butler Blue II and Trip are not the only related top dogs that work in the same office—several of Butler’s top administrators have spouses or domestic partners on the university payroll. Butler’s practice of hiring its employees’ partners—including those of the university’s president, former provost, two associate provosts and a dean—is consistent with trends in

Blue II busy but thriving

Some universities are made to suffer the effects of odd, awkward or just downright weird mascots—consider Purdue Pete, Syracuse’s Otto the Orange, Delta State’s Fighting Okra and Stanford’s Cardinal Tree. Butler University has been far more fortunate in this regard. Not only is Butler Blue II, the current Butler mascot, still spunky in his seventh

How about a retweet?

The Butler community proves just how savvy it is when it comes to Twitter Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, but Butler University is a Twitter-addicted school. As more and more students add tweeting to their repertoire, the number of Butler-themed Twitter pages has risen, making the “must follow” list for Butler students a mile long. The question

Butler’s media darling: Mascot becomes furry face of Butler

Butler Blue II became a media sensation at last year’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Final Four, and this year, his stardom rose to a whole new level. “It’s come on a lot sooner this year and the level of intensity and interest has risen,” Michael Kaltenmark, Blue’s handler, said. “Last year, there wasn’t much

Butler victories unite community, create national fan base

In light of the recent success of the Butler men’s basketball team in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships, the Butler community, as well as Indianapolis, has grown closer. We have all utilized the team’s success as a reason to unite as we cheer “our team” on to victory. It is a unique experience

VIDEO | Bulldogs lose dog fight to Huskies

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Bulldogs lose championship title to UConn Huskies

The Butler men’s basketball team was the victim of its own demise in Monday night’s NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, making them the fourth team in NCAA history to lose consecutive title games. The Bulldogs’ worst shooting performance of the season came against the No. 3-seed Connecticut Huskies, who defeated the Bulldogs, 53-41, in

PHOTO GALLERY | Moment by moment of Butler vs. UConn

Watch the dog fight progress in the championship game between the Butler Bulldogs and the Connecticut Huskies. [cincopa A8BARgqasCps]