How about a retweet?

The Butler community proves just how savvy it is when it comes to Twitter

Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg, but Butler University is a Twitter-addicted school.

As more and more students add tweeting to their repertoire, the number of Butler-themed Twitter pages has risen, making the “must follow” list for Butler students a mile long.

The question is: who actually runs these pages? Who has the special authority behind the official university Twitter page to tell us we’re off school for a snow day, and who gets to tweet Butler Blue II’s sassy comebacks?

Ashley Plummer, social media coordinator for Butler, is the face behind @butleru. She says that she has set things to tweet about every day—such as the alumni—but other than that, she receives help from the public relations office and tries to RT (retweet, for any Twitter newbies out there) as many student organizations as she can.

As for Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson and President Jim Danko, Plummer said they do great on their own.

“I helped LJ in the beginning, but he really took off on his own,” she said. “Students really like to follow him, and he certainly knows his audience.”

Plummer said Danko came in with his Twitter and manages it on his own. His wife, Bethanie, also runs her own, tweeting about her husband’s op-ed pieces and what she’s enjoying about both the city and campus.

The Butler admissions office, @gobutleru,  is handled by Kristen Raves, the coordinator for electronic communication. While she tweets mostly for the incoming Bulldogs, she tries to update information about campus and any “Butler happenings.”

However, no piece can be complete without the quintessential Butler Twitter page belonging to Blue II. Michael Kaltenmark, director of web marketing communications, and Blue’s owner, maintains the page, illustrating the bulldog as a sassy and spoiled Butler-loving puppy.

And of course there are a few Twitter pages dedicated to poking fun at the daily lives of Butler students. @butlergirlprobs and @butgrlproblems cover the trials of Pinterest and Brad Stevens.

@total_gdi_move promotes the independent lifestyle and @busororitywire tracks what each sorority is doing—incorrectly.

Beyond that, be sure to tune in to the tweets of Lauren Pedigo,  Student Government Association’s vice president of public relations, @SGAatBU, for information about shuttles and Program Board events, see what the @campusfarm is growing this week and  follow
@BUpoliceChief to keep yourself safe.

Time to start tweeting.


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