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OPINION | SGA advisers play vital role

Published April 18, 2012 The recent attacks on the Student Government Association have taken a turn for the worse. The criticisms no longer are directed at the students who represent us. Now advisers are being targeted for unwarranted reasons. The latest assault on SGA leaders and advisers was centered on the Dean of Student Life

OPINION | Provost search does not signal change

If there’s one thing that Butler University students, faculty and staff can count on, it’s that during the course of their tenure at this institution, they will experience the thrill and the tease of an administrative search process. Butler goes through administrators almost as quickly as Parking Enforcement Officer Aaron Chalmers makes his daily parking

STAFF EDITORIAL | Give students a voice in hiring process

Butler University students returned from the semester break to find a newly appointed interim provost who could serve in that position for as long as three semesters. Even an interim appointment has the authority to change the focus or goals of his or her department, and this can change the experience of hundreds if not

A LOOK BACK | Provost leaves mixed legacy at Butler

Provost leaves mixed legacy at Butler Jill McCarter | News Editor | jmccarte@butler.edu In Jamie Comstock’s executive corner office, the windows are open, letting in the familiarity of Butler University’s campus—even in the month of December. After three and a half years, Jamie has grown accustomed to the sounds of lawnmowers, the heavy door of

Danko speaks to provost search

Butler University President Jim Danko discussed the possible structure of the upcoming search for a new provost at the Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday. The search would fill the position that will be left vacant by current Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Jamie Comstock, who has asked to step down at the end

No CCOM dean yet

The two remaining candidates in Butler University’s College of Communication dean search may have visited last month, but the final verdict is still uncertain. “We are now at a point in the search that necessitates my personal involvement and further discussion with key individuals, including candidates,” President Jim Danko told the Collegian. Provost and Vice

STAFF EDITORIAL | New faces bring insight, fresh ideas

In the past two years, Butler University has seen many changes in its top leadership. We’ve seen a change in the presidency, the deans of the Jordan College of Fine Arts and Liberal Arts and Sciences and the beginning of a search for a dean of the new College of Communication. Most recently came the

Butler holds thank you reception for Confucious Institute

Butler University celebrated its partnership with the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis on Tuesday evening with a reception that featured speeches from both schools, Chinese delicacies and classical Chinese music. The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis—part of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)—recently donated more than 1,300 books, DVDs and other instructional materials to Butler University to enrich

Different president, different ideas

The time has come for the fast-talking Cleveland native known for his success in marketing Villanova’s School of Business to step into the role previously occupied by a soft-spoken doctorate of English literature from California. Let the speculation begin. Within these first few months, Butler University President Jim Danko will be under scrutiny to see