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OPINION | Atherton renovation beautified dining hall but missed substantial food concerns

During winter break, The Market Place at Atherton Union went under renovation. The new setup opens up the room more, gives students more beverage options and provides more booth space that breaks up the daily battle between the hard seat and your behind. Many students believed that the facelift was much needed. The  improvement turned

Students and staff welcome Atherton changes

The Market Place at Atherton Union has a new appearance after a makeover during winter break. The dining facility now includes a lounge area with a television and a fireplace, new floors and walls, booths and a different seating arrangement.  The food has also undergone a renovation in order to provide more variety and healthier

Atherton to receive upgrade this winter

The Market Place at Atherton Union will receive some gifts during winter break from dining services, including a fireplace, banquette seating and fresher food options. The $500,000 renovation to Atherton has been in the works since 2008, said Stacey Puck, director of dining services, and it may be only one part of a two- or

Burst pipe shuts down dining facilities

A burst pipe on the northeast side of Jordan Hall dampened the daily routine for some faculty, staff and students last Thursday. Interim Vice President for Operations Gerald Carlson said workers struck a fire hydrant Nov. 10 while using a lift to hang banners for last weekend’s presidential inauguration. The fire hydrant ruptured a water