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LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Glad my student isn’t going to Butler

Patricia Bowman wrote the following in an email to President Danko in response to the College Fix  article. Butler University was initially on my daughter’s college list: However, we decided against it for various reasons. All students should be open to new perspectives—but why are students in this course required to be someone they are

Sexual misconduct policies updated in student handbook

Sexual misconduct incidents now must be investigated with or without the involvement of a victim, per new policy changes at a national and university level. The 2012-13 edition of the Butler University student handbook contains updates due to new obligations from the U.S. Department of Education released in April. The harassment and sexual misconduct parts

Weak attendance policy creates inconsistencies

Attendance policies for Butler University classes are like the proverbial snowflake—no two are the same. Some are aggravatingly strict, others are temptingly lax, but nearly all professors have one. Many professors say attendance policies are put in place to encourage students to come to class and participate and also to penalize those who don’t, providing