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Freshmen differ on alcohol expectations

Freshmen arrived Aug. 18 with bags and books in tow, but also came with differing expectations. Freshmen had mixed expectations on the alcohol policy and how it is enforced. “I thought (the alcohol policy) was going to be enforced a lot more than it actually is,” freshman Jordan Reisman said. Reisman said the one measure

Demerits dished out for underage drinking

A new sanctioning guideline for conduct violations has the power to prohibit students from participating in some campus activities. Students who are cited for alcohol-related violations could potentially be prohibited from leadership positions on campus as well as from formal recruitment for sororities and fraternities. “We didn’t think that the old policy was tough enough,”

Administrators looking to change alcohol policies

Published Aug. 29, 2012 With Indiana officials looking to crack down on underage and high-risk alcohol consumption on college campuses, the atmosphere of Butler University is changing. An alcohol task force, comprised of Butler students and faculty from numerous departments, was created during the 2011-12 academic year. Curbing Illegal Drinking on Butler’s Campus For the